Recycling Program

Sustainability and our environmental impact are two key concerns here at Lend Me Some Sugar Bath Co.

We've recently changed our packaging and launched our recycling program in order to act as leaders in change.


Reducing waste altogether is our first priority. Our bath bombs, which were traditionally wrapped in cellophane, are now wrapped in a biodegradable alternative. 

Each sheet is made with renewable, plant based resources and is 100% compostable. 

Don't let the look fool you... Now you can feel good about our packaging, inside and out!

Our containers (temporarily plastic instead of glass due to supply chain issues)

Our local customers are able to save containers and trade them in for savings. Each container returned to us in it's original condition (we will wash and sterilize) will earn $2 towards your next purchase.

We have a 24/7 drop box in Grant Park for our Winnipeg customers. If you take advantage of our delivery, don't fret! You can exchange the containers when we deliver your next order. Unfortunately, we have yet to set up an exchange program with our retailers but it's in the works for the future.

There is no limit to use per order. If you return 10 containers, that means $20 off your next purchase. 

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